"The issue is not issues, the issue is the system."
Ronnie Dugger, founder, Alliance for Democracy

Taking the trade-climate connection to the Climate Convergence and People's Climate March

In workshops and out on the street with our banners, we drew a connection between multinational-driven trade agreements like TPP and TAFTA, environmental and economic justice, and the climate crisis. Check out this article to explore the connections between climate and trade, and take a look at the pictures on our Facebook page. For more media and a calendar of upcoming actions, click here.

TAFTA/TTIP is a recipe for climate meltdown
AfD makes a statement at stakeholder meeting on US/EU trade pact. Read it here.

Berkeley, California declares itself a TPP- and TAFTA-Free Zone!

Read the press release here.

berkeley city

Learn how to declare your community a TPP-Free Zone here. Learn more about the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and find resources for action and organizing, here.

"A Declaration of Indignation"
Speaking out in Pennsylvania

Sticker that car, bike, bag!
Ordering info here.

political bribery


See our "Tools for Organizing" page for the following:
  "Corporate Bribery: Our Democracy is for Sale." Learn how big donations corrupt policymaking, politics, and elections here.
  "Corporations are not People" explains corporate personhood and how we can take back our rights.
  How-to's for street theater and visibility actions
  Download and print a one-page flyer: "Political Bribery is Illegal"

We're an executive committee member of Move to Amend.

To learn about our "Defending Water for Life" campaigns, visit our campaign page and these state campaign websites:

Anacortes WA: Tethys investors drop plans for largest water bottling plant in U.S.

Alliance and Barnstead NH make history
Ordinance protects water, rights of nature and local democracy; bars corporate personhood

Stop the Corridor!

Learn more about how communities are protecting themselves against the East/West Corridor here.

Justice Rising
Our biannual publication highlights grassroots resistance to corporate rule

JR vol 6 issue 1

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Some great writers have published in Justice Rising. See the Author Index here.

Public Banking: Creating Jobs, Building Communities and Reclaiming the Commons

Public control of the money supply is essential after the irresponsibility shown by the private financial industry. The derivative-driven meltdown of 2008 destroyed the monetary system, throwing people out of work and then out of their homes all across the country. Establishing public banks is an important first step in taking control our common financial system. Learn how public banks function around the world and how to make one happen in your community in this latest issue of Justice Rising,
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Extra copies available! Call us at 781-894-1179 or email afd@thealliancefordemocracy.org.

Back issues of Justice Rising are online here.

Democratizing Tools for Sustainability and Community
Media, Development and the Commons

populist dialogues

Media Democracy
  "Alliance for Democracy--Populist Dialogues"
Hosted by AfD co-chair David Delk, and featuring interviews with people involved in the fight to oppose corporate rule.
Want to show it on community cable? Here's how!

                                                view of farm

Tapestry of the

Tapestry of the Commons

 Listen to the Tapestry of the Commons radio program
  Read Elinor Ostrom's thoughts on managing the commons on the AfD blog
 For a teacher workshop, or school or community group presentation contact the AfD office

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AfD speaks out!
We've joined a global effort to support an open debate on the Rights of Nature at the United Nations. Read more here.

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